Take full advantage of your experience by indulging in one of our V.I.P. Suites for just a little more however still at a great price, walk out to your balcony and view the Caribbean sea  like no other staying at our hotel. After an excursion enjoy a nice deep bath as the beach breeze comforts you. The multi shower head shower is sure to relax your muscles and have you lost in ecstasy. Enjoy the comfort of a King pillow top mattress. Stay refreshed with your own personal water bubbler. The V.I.P room will certainly make your time in our beautiful country unforgettable.    

Here at La Delphina our room is designed to ensure accessibility for individuals with a wide variety of different disabilities, La Delphina firmly stands behind maximizing peoples capabilities and we feel as though everyone regardless of there set back should be able to experience great music, great food and endless fun. We have serviced people who have low vision, people who are hard of hearing, those with limited use of hands or arms, individuals with mobility impairments who use canes, crutches, braces or walkers, folks who use wheelchairs, and people who have a combination of disabilities. As an added bonus La Delphina extends a 20% discount for any individual's staff that accompanies them

American's With Disabilities Compliant Room

With our restaurant on the beach, your taste buds are sure to dance with delight any time of the day or you can relax by the outside pool overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea,  We hold the #1 ranking in La Ceiba for a number of the items found on our menu like our hamburgers our chicken wings and our pina coladas just to name a few.  




Our Amenities

Our rooms offer the comfort you have been looking for on  any vacation or business trip. Our rooms accent the natural surroundings.  You receive all of the latest technology while still very much exposed to our cultural building structures here in La Ceiba.  You're sure to enjoy your stay with us, All of our beds offer you luxurious comfort along with the beautiful sights of the hardwood craftsmanship that has been done right on location.  We do not purchase any furniture that has been mass produced or is not authentic wood. This gives our guest a sense of our culture and a respect for the time and effort it takes to construct these marvels.



Our Rooms

La Dephina is the perfect place for that group of friends who wish to intimately enjoy eachother's company.

We are well aware that being surrounded by all these delicious flavors, one may want to utilize our fitness center. in order to combat pounds or maintain normal regimen, our fitness facility(Roberto's Gym) is complete with everything you will need to do so.   


About us

The hotel is in La Ceiba, Honduras, built in 2005 we are located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.  La Delphina is named after a Honduran woman (Delphina) who loved to make people feel like they are at home when they were to visit her home. In her Social surroundings and amongst people who shared her demographic she was highly regarded as one of the best at what she did which was serve. She always held her work to the highest standard and that is the essence we strive to maintain as we carry out her legacy. We treat our guest at The La Delphina as if they were royalty attempting to appease any request made. The city of La Ceiba was founded by the hand of the Pech tribe., The Garífuna people and under the shadow of a giant Ceiba petandra, the mythical tree of the Mayans. The city is still the headquarters of the standard Fruit company of Honduras, producers of a variety of export fruit including bananas, pineapple and grapefruit. La Ceiba is the third largest city of Honduras, and the Eco tourism capital. Its numerous natural attractions are complemented by the closeness and easy access by plane, boat or car to other destinations Such as Utila and Rotan

Missionary Support 

We pride ourselves on being able to support those who travel to Honduras to provide both community and spiritual support to the people of La Ceiba. We have rooms that can accommodate groups we have multiple rooms that can house between 6-8 people.    

V.I.P. Suite